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The Advanced Light Technologies of the Arcturians!

By Dr Joshua David Stone

Arcturus is the highest civilization in our galaxy. Edgar Cayce

After taking my ascension initiation in March of 1994 with my wife and my two dearest friends, we all began to work very closely with the Arcturians. I had been working with them previous to this. However in this new period of my life it became one of the main focal points of my spiritual life.

This process began, as I look back, when Vywamus kept telling me, over a few months period, that part of my mission this lifetime was to be an ambassador for extraterrestrials. I had always been interested in extraterrestrials as this book attests to, however, I had never framed it in this manner for myself.

One day, without even asking, Vywamus told me that my Monad or I AM Presence was considering taking me “off the planet” for a period of time. When Vywamus first said this I did not know what He was talking about. At first I thought I was going to physically die and/or let go of my physical vehicle. I asked questions and He clarified that my Monad was considering taking me in a physical extraterrestrial spacecraft. I asked, “with what group?” and He said, “the Arcturians”.

I knew the truth of what He was saying the moment He said it. I immediately told my two best friends about this and they said they wanted to come too, for they are also ambassadors for extraterrestrials, besides our main focus of work for the Spiritual Hierarchy and Sanat Kumara and Djwhal Khul’s ashram. Of course I asked my wife to come as well, however Djwhal Khul told us that she was meant to go more spiritually rather than in a physical body.

Vywamus told me that this was to occur in 1996. The timing seemed to be after we had taken our seventh initiation and moved to Arizona. Needless to say, I was very excited about this prospect.

This new prospect began an intense new focus on the Arcturian energies in our meditations.

In our meditations we began to focus on invoking the Arcturians. The results we all got were fabulous. Some of the most profound energy experiences and facilitation in helping to build our Light quotient began coming through the Arcturians and their starships. To achieve ascension one must have 80 to 83% Light quotient in their energy field. To take the seventh initiation one must have 94% Light quotient in their field. We were interested in raising our Light quotient to the 94% level. The Arcturians, upon our request, using their advanced technology would run their high frequency Light energies through our bodies.

I had obviously been working with the Ascended Masters and even Cosmic Masters for a great many years in meditation, however the energies that began coming from the Arcturian starship had a totally different quality of substantialness than anything I had ever experienced. Instead of coming in through the crown, the energies seemed to come in through the entire body simultaneously. My body would tingle and buzz with energy. The blood in my veins and arteries would flow as though I had just come back from jogging a couple of miles. All the cells in my body felt like they were being fed with the most wonderful flowing energy. Caryn and I would sit on the phone or in her office for long periods of time just soaking in these energies. We called it “the spiritual Jacuzzi. I was later to call it, humorously, “the nirvana machine”.

We had stumbled into the Arcturian technology for helping to build the Light quotient. This had been one of the main focuses of our lives for some time, however we had never been exposed to the Arcturian technology in this regard. This technology, in combination with the “Light showers” we had been receiving for many years from the great Ascended Masters, Angels, and Cosmic Beings were an incredible “one, two punch!” We were having amazing results.

Even when one takes the sixth initiation they must complete all seven levels of the initiation. In our enthusiasm to complete our ascension and prepare to take the seventh and final initiation, we started becoming very chummy with the Arcturians and began requesting that they put us on their computers and run the energies all the time to help us to build our Light quotient to the 94% level within 9 months time. Sanat Kumara agreed to oversee this program.

I began invoking the Arcturians and their starship many, many times during the day. I would certainly do this whenever I meditated. However, I would also invoke them while watching television, before bed, even while working at my desk. Immediately I would begin to feel the energies pour in all over my body. What I really liked about this was that it was a very “physical” full body feeling. I was not only building my Light quotient, which was one of my main goals in life, but I was also feeling much better physically. The experience of Their technology was actually, to be perfectly honest, more powerful and substantial than most of the spiritual energies I had been invoking. Djwhal Khul later told me that even the Spiritual Hierarchy used the advanced technologies from Arcturus. Djwhal told me that the Light quotient building program They were using for the Second Ray each night in the ashram was from Arcturus. The Arcturians worked in perfect harmony and cooperation with Sanat Kumara, Lord Maitreya and the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Before going any further, I must say that the Arcturians will not help you in any way, shape or form, in regards to what I am speaking, unless you ask and give Them permission. They are not like the grays, or Zetas who invade your space. The Arcturians are like Ascended Masters and are not allowed to help unless your given permission to do so.

What I recommend is that you request, in your meditation and prayer session, to be placed on their computers. They do not do Their work in a haphazard manner. Everything They do is closely monitored by a team of Arcturians. Ask to be placed on their computers and then ask to be placed in their Light quotient building program. This program is set up in two ways. It has to do with whether you travel to their starship in your etheric body, to their “Light Synthesis Chamber”, or whether you keep your etheric body in your physical body and They will send the energies to you in your home. The actual experience of going there is even more powerful than when they send the energies.

The chamber is like being in the clouds. The exact machinery they used on my body is concealed. The Arcturians suggested I lay down the first time. I began to feel my body being filled with the most wonderful light, love and joy. I felt myself expanding as though I were a gigantic balloon being filled with the most wonderful air, very light. Caryn and I were on the phone when we did this and I humorously called it the “euphoria machine”. We both were and still are incredibly grateful for Their ongoing help in our lives. They are the most wonderful, selfless Beings. Again, I recommend reading Norma Milnovich’s book, “We, the Arcturians”, to get a more complete sense of Their culture.

One of the plans I have set up with the Arcturians, which is already begun in this book, is to write another book about their culture and this experience of being taken off the planet in 1996. The Arcturian elders are excited about this arrangement as am I. I would actually like to write about their civilization, since, in truth, it is our future self and the prototype for Earth in the not too distant future. The information you are receiving now is the beginning stage of this project.

When you ask to be taken to the Light Synthesis Chamber, the Arcturians also recommend that you call in what I would describe as your higher bodies. By this, I mean, calling in your Monad or Spirit, calling in the Mayavarupa body, your Monadic body of Light, your soul body of Light, your 15 chakras to descend, your solar body of Light, your Golden Solar Angelic Body, the 352 levels of the Mahatma, your Monadic blueprint body, and/or your I AM Presence. The Arcturian’s technology, with the help of the Ascended Masters, will help to blend and synthesize all the energies into your being using Their advanced technology.

I have worked out a system with the Arcturians where I say, “Arcturians, Light Synthesis Chamber, Love and Joy”. Every time I say that I feel myself floating to the chamber and I feel the process begin again. In my life presently, I am literally working with the Arcturians all day long. I have also worked it out with Them to spend a part of every night on Their starship. They said I have a very busy schedule at night while I sleep, of service work, meetings, classes and so on. However a certain part of every night is given to this important work.

The Arcturians want you to know that they are very devoted to your personal upliftment and there is no limit to the number of people with whom they can work. They have an unlimited number of starships available upon request. They want you to feel free to contact them and ask for their assistance.

One of the advantages of coming to the ship is that the energies are more refined and of a higher vibration. Do be aware that the Arcturians do not have “Adam Kadmon” type of bodies, but don’t let this stop you from working with them. They are the highest beings in our galaxy and some of the most loving and selfless beings in our entire universe.

Also do realize that it is not your physical body that goes to Their ship, it is your etheric body. They are here to assist and facilitate your personal journey back to God. Their message is one of love, joy and light, and they are here only to serve. They have advanced technologies that can be called forth for personal protection. It is a kind of frequency technology that can protect your energy fields. They are happy to help in this regard but must be asked and given permission to help you before they will do anything.