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Extraterrestrials and Other Governmental Cover-ups!

By Dr Joshua David Stone

"95% of all Extraterrestrials visiting our planet are of a positive nature."

One of the areas of very great interest of mine over the last five years has been the area concerning the extra terrestrial involvement with our planet over the earth’s history. This area of focus could probably take a thousand books to cover and would probably not even cover the surface of the topic. I will attempt to give you a brief overview of this subject.

It is a very interesting phenomena that a great many very devoted and spiritual people have very little knowledge of the extraterrestrial involvement on earth. It will be my attempt to give some of the basics in this chapter.

First off, God’s infinite universe is filled with extraterrestrial life. It is the height of egotism to think that we would be the only life forms in God’s infinite universe. Extraterrestrials have been visiting us since the beginning of time. In the chapter on creation, in my first book, I mentioned the electrical wars in Pre-Lemurian times. Later I mentioned in Atlantis and Egypt how extraterrestrials visited in great numbers. If people had any idea how much extraterrestrial activity has been going on in the past and in our present they would be amazed.

In Atlantis they helped with crystal technologies and in building the "Great Crystal", which was the power source for the entire civilization of Atlantis. The extraterrestrials have come from our galaxy, and other more distant galaxies. It is important at this point to say that I believe from the guidance I have received that "95%" of all extraterrestrial contact with the earth is of a "positive nature". Most of the civilizations are far beyond ours in technological and spiritual advancement. One of the basic laws they follow is that of respecting our free choice and never interfering unless they have been asked for help.

One of the reasons there have been so many sightings of UFO’s is that we, on this planet, have moved into a fourth dimensional consciousness, and into sacred status as a planet, and this is a solar event. Each of the planets of our solar system could be likened to a chakra of the sun or of the Being that ensouls the solar system, whose name is Helios. When one chakra goes through a major transformation it affects all the other chakras. The extraterrestrial are aware of this transformation which the earth is going through and are very interested in watching it and helping us move to the new age.

Many of the great advancements in earth’s evolution have come from extraterrestrial help. One important thing to understand is that not all extraterrestrials have a human looking appearance. Our particular kind of physical body is called the "Adam Kadmon" type. There are many other types of bodies that God has created.

Also let it be known that in past lives when we have incarnated on other planets we have inhabited some of these bodies ourselves. We need to get beyond our egotistical attachment to this particular human form and realize that we are part of a galactic, universal and cosmic family of intelligent life forms. Most of them are far more advanced than our civilization.

One of the reasons that they are not more overt in visiting our planet and just making a landing on the White House lawn in full public view is that we, as a planet have been too war like. We have made some advancements technologically, but spiritually we have been a backwards planet.

The Negative Extraterrestrials and the Dark Brotherhood

This brings me to the subject which is the negative extraterrestrials. As I have already mentioned, at least 95% of all the extraterrestrials involvement on this planet is of a very "positive nature". The five percent who are negative, though, are very negative. It is part of my purpose in writing this chapter to make you aware of what is actually going on behind the scenes. The information I will share with you in this chapter has been confirmed over and over again from both earthly and spiritual sources. Some of the things I share with you may even shock some of you. However, I ask you to keep reading and keep an open mind, for I believe it is absolutely imperative for the people of the United States and the world to wake up.

Negative extraterrestrials were part of the fall of Atlantis and have been trying to control this planet and its people since the beginning of recorded time. In God’s infinite universe there are always two forces. Those that serve the law of One and those that serve more egotistical, selfish, fear based principles. This is true for us on earth. It is true for the extraterrestrials.

By becoming aware of these egotistical factions we are less likely to be controlled by them. The purpose of this entire book and of this chapter is to make you aware of what is going on behind the scenes so you can become even more empowered than you already are. We cannot solve a problem until we know what the problem is.

The problem, in its core essence, probably goes back to the Dark Brotherhood. The Dark Brotherhood is an organization much like the Great White Brotherhood, of spiritual hierarchy. The only problem is that these beings are working for a plan that is antithetical to God’s divine plan. In a sense these beings, both in the spiritual state and on the material plane have a plan that serves there selfish interests rather than God’s plan which is for the good of everyone.

This dark force and brotherhood is nothing to fear, for as long as you own your power and don’t walk around on automatic pilot, they can not affect you or harm you in any way. The problem is that a great many souls on this planet don’t own their power and aren’t attuned spiritually. They take drugs, and drink too much alcohol, and don’t realize who they are, and why they are here. Their lives are focused on hedonism and materialism and all these things leave them vulnerable to the influences of dark forces. The negative extraterrestrials are obviously influenced by this dark separative, egotistical, fear based part of themselves. They have evolved technologically which can be seen by their flying saucers. However they have not evolved spiritually. They are forcing their will upon the people of the planet Earth. They are breaking what the TV show Star Trek called the "prime directive" of noninterference and respecting of a free choice.

Before going into a much greater explanation of this whole process it is necessary to explain one other group that has played and continues to play a pivotal role in this whole drama, and that is a group of men on this planet who make up what I call the "Secret Government" or "Illuminatti".

The Secret Government

There are a group of men in this world who, because of their lack of attunement to their own souls, have in a sense, been taken over by the Dark Brotherhood. These men have been taken over by selfishness, greed, and power, and are attempting to control the United States and the world at large to suit their own deluded, materialistic values. These men have no respect for the United States Government or any government on this planet.

Their basic game is to control the world to serve their own interests and values, which are clearly selfish to the core. We hear of occasional scandals where they are caught, however the world as a whole does not realize the extent of their power and ruthlessness.

Some of the scandals that are attributed to this group are: The assassination of John F. Kennedy, the assassination of Robert Kennedy, Watergate, Contragate, Iraqgate, the Savings an Loan debacle, the total control of the banking system, the control of the CIA, and the control of most of presidents and governments of the Unites States. They have financed a great many of their illegal projects through the CIA, by selling drugs. This secret government is known by many names, some of which are the Illuminatti, the Trilateral Commission, The Council on Foreign Relations, and The Olympians. They are in essence, representatives or instruments of the Dark Brotherhood on earth. A lot of these men are of great financial wealth, and hold positions of great political power. At the end of this chapter I have provided a diagram of some of the people involved. Some of the names of these people will strike familiar cords. It is time for the American people to wake up and reclaim their power and take back their government.

I am happy to say that one giant step has been taken with George Bush, Dan Quail, and James Baker being voted out of office. James Baker and George Bush were very high up in the secret government organization. It is not the purpose of this book to spend too much time focusing on this aspect, except as it relates to the extraterrestrial situation. For now, I would like to focus on the modern history of the extraterrestrial movement and how the secret government has perpetrated the greatest cover-up in the history of this planet. The most mind boggling thing of all is that they have been, for the most part, successful.

The Modern History of the Extraterrestrial Movement

The UFO movement really began in 1936 when Nazi Germany recovered a crashed UFO. They had their top scientists working to copy and understand this technology. When the allied forces invaded Germany, this entire project and technology was discovered and sent shock waves through the United States government.