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Djwhal Khul on the Psychological Causation of Disease!

By Dr Joshua David Stone

To begin this chapter I thought the best way to start would be to quote Djwhal Khul’s first law of healing as stated in the Alice Bailey book Esoteric Healing.

“All disease is the result of inhibited soul life, and that is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul, so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organisms which constitute any particular form.”

All initiates of the Great White Brotherhood are healers. Not all initiates may work on healing the physical body, however all initiates are transmitters of spiritual energy. The four bodies that need healing are the physical, etheric, astral and mental.

Djwhal Khul says that 90% of the causes of physical disease occur within the etheric and astral body. This is because most people in the world are still emotionally polarized or identified. In a million years hence, when the human attention is more focused collectively in the mind, then the cause of disease will have to be sought in the mind realm.

The first work of any group of healers is to establish themselves in love and to work towards group unity and understanding. The two qualities of any true healer are "magnetism and radiation". The healer must be magnetic to his own soul, to those he would help, and to the energies needed to stimulate a transformation within the client. The healer must then understand how to radiate soul energy, which will stimulate into activity the soul of the one to be healed. The radiation of the mind of the healer will illumine the mind and will of the patient. The healthy radiation of the astral and etheric body of the healer will work in a likewise fashion upon the patient.

All disease is caused by a lack of harmony. Disease results as a lack of alignment between soul and form and/or subjective and objective reality. Lack of harmony, which we call disease, affects all four kingdoms of nature. The outer environmental causes of disease are four-fold, according to Djwhal. They are accidents, infections, disease due to malnutrition, and heredity.

The psychological causes of disease are also four-fold. These are:

Those coming from the emotional and feeling nature.

Those that have their origin in the etheric body.

Those based on wrong thought.

Those complaints unique to disciples and initiates.

Much of the failure of the healing methods people use come from the following reasons:

Inability to locate what body the trouble is stemming from.

Knowing where the patient stands upon the ladder of evolution.

Inability to differentiate whether the disease is from inner personal conditions, inherited tendencies, or group karma of some kind.

Inability on the healer’s part to know if the problem should be dealt with allopathically, homeopathically, through right inner psychological adjustment, through soul power, or through occult methods invoking the help of a Master.

Djwhal says that healing is brought about basically through three ways:

Through methods of traditional medicine and/or surgery.

Through the use of psychology.

Through the activity of the soul.

It is the astral body for the majority of mankind that is the outstanding cause of ill health. The reason is that it has such a potent affect on the person’s etheric body, which is the energy body and battery for the physical body.

Basically we are speaking here of uncontrolled and ill-regulated emotions such as fear, worry, irritation, anger, criticism, hatred, superiority and inferiority complex and so on. It is the corollary of the astral body, which is lower-self desire, which leads people to overeat and drink. Poor diet, hence, has its cause in the astral body. Other diseases caused by the desire body are the sexual diseases and over-indulgence in sexuality, which has a weakening effect on the etheric and physical vehicles.

The true healer needs to be trained not only in healing, but also in psychology, medical matters, and esoteric knowledge. Your average medical doctor has absolutely no understanding of the etheric body or the chakras, let alone the soul. The esoteric healer needs to be more aware of the physical earth plane knowledge that the doctor has.

Disease is most definitely a purification process when looked at esoterically. Traditional doctors must understand that disease may be a gradual and slow process of the soul withdrawing from the body to free it for other service. The overwhelming desire to keep the physical body alive, by most traditional medical doctors, is not always appropriate.

The astral body is the cause of most disease because it is the body the bulk of humanity are centering their consciousness in. It is also the most developed of the bodies being the latest to develop in collective mankind. It reached its high point of development in Atlantean days. This is also augmented by the energy coming from the animal kingdom which is entirely astral in its point of attainment. Even though we are in the Aryan root race, the mass of humanity has not achieved a mental polarization and identification yet.

The Three Major Diseases

The three major groups of diseases, according to Djwhal Khul, are tuberculosis, the sexually transmitted diseases (venereal, syphilis, AIDS) and cancer. Two other diseases which Djwhal says affects those who are a little above average are heart diseases and nervous diseases. These five groups, and there are various subdivisions, are responsible for most of the illness of humanity. The three most important aspects of diagnosis are the psychological, the work of the endocrinologist, and the physician.

Mankind also inherits disease from four basic sources:

From his own past in this life or previous lives.

From the general racial heritage of humanity.

From the condition of planetary life.

From parental inherited tendencies.

It is when the upper chakras above the diaphragm are awakened that a long series of lives with heart and nervous system lessons occur. These have been called diseases of the mystics.

The sexually transmitted diseases, except for AIDS (man made chemical warfare experiment gone awry), are remnants from over-indulgence in Lemurian times when man was totally polarized in the physical vehicle.

Cancer is from the Atlantean root race and is astrally and emotionally connected. Cancer is a disease of inhibition just as syphilitic diseases are overexpression and overuse.

Tuberculosis is a disease of the Aryan race, although it began in later Atlantean times. Tuberculosis is caused by the shift of polarization from the emotional body to the mental body, or from Atlantean consciousness to the Aryan consciousness. It is a disease of depletion of the emotional body.

Cancer came from the shift of life force from the physical polarization to the emotional polarization, or from the Lemurian consciousness to the Atlantean consciousness. As the race develops tighter emotional control, Djwhal says, cancer will begin to disappear.

Many of the problems of humanity are caused by the burial of sick, diseased bodies in the soil instead of cremating them. Djwhal has prophesied that in the New Age burial for bodies will be outlawed and cremation will become the norm.

Diseases of Worry and Irritation

Diseases of worry and irritation have the following affect on people:

The lower the vitality of the person, the more susceptible they are to disease.

The connection is poor in certain directions or aspects of the equipment.

The connection between the etheric and physical body is so loose that the soul has very little control over its vehicle.

The fourth reason is the opposite of the third. The etheric body is too closely knit with the personality and physical vehicle.

The third cause of disease in the etheric body is the over stimulation of the chakras. This, of course, has a very deleterious affect on the glands which affects the blood stream and all the organs.

Causes of Disease Arising Out of the Mental Body

The first cause of disease from the mental body is from “wrong mental attitudes.” The second cause is mental fanaticism and dominance of thought forms. The third cause is frustrated idealism.

Diseases of Disciples

Most of these diseases arise from the transferring of the solar plexus energy into the heart. This transfer causes stomach, liver and respiratory problems. Djwhal says that all diseases and physical difficulties are caused by one of the following three conditions:

A developed soul contact which produces a vitalization of all the chakras. This necessarily produces stress and strain on the physical body.

The attempt of the personality to negate soul control. The stress on the physical body here is obvious.

A shift in the life force from personality to soul control, or from lower-self to higher-self, which causes re-adjustment problems within the physical vehicle.

Medicine in The Next Century

Medicine in the next century will focus on five basic premises: