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Channeling of Lord Buddha, Helios and Vesta, Melchior, Melchizedek, and the Mahatma!

By Dr Joshua David Stone

Greetings and Welcome, Beloved Earthlings, to the Ultimate, Most Glorious, Most Divine, Most Magnificent, Most Exiting, and Most Rewarding Project ever launched in the history of our Earth, Solar System, Galaxy, Melchizedek Universe and Mahatma Omniverse!

We, Lord Buddha your Planetary Logos, Helios and Vesta your Solar Logos, Melchior your Galactic Logos, Melchizedek your Universal Logos, and Mahatma your Cosmic Logos come to you with the Most Amazing and Most Splendid News hot off the Buddha/Helios and Vesta/Melchior, Melchizedek, and Mahata Universal and Omniversal Press! Before we spill the planetary, solar, galactic, universal, and cosmic beans, we would like to take a moment and introduce ourselves to those who don’t quite know yet who we are. I, Lord Buddha, am the Planetary Logos and as such ensoul the Earth and everything that lives and moves and has its being on your beautiful planet. We, Helios and Vesta, embody your Solar System and are in charge of the evolution of all creatures in the system of your sun. I, Melchior, have the honor to serve as your Galactic Logos and as such ensoul your entire galaxy and have responsibility to assist the evolution of all God’s Sons and Daughters within that galactic realm of space. I, Melchizedek, have literally and in the truest sense of the term a body as vast as your infinite Universe and as such harbor both, Planet Earth with its entire solar system, surrounding galaxy, galaxies, and universe! And I the Mahatma, also known as the Avatar of Synthesis, serving as the Cosmic Logos I embody the Infinite Omniverse Itself. So as you can see, we are all in the same boat, or said another way, we are all in the same body. We are all one body. We are all one!

Well, my friends, there is a great rumor going throughout the Infinite Omniverse that God has a gift of unseen, unheard, and unknown proportions waiting at the Throne of Creation to be picked up by all His Sons and Daughters in the Infinite Universe and Omniverse! Well, my fellows, I as Melchizedek have to say, and you need to trust me on this one, but I have seen a lot and heard a lot and certainly know a lot, however, believe it or not, at our last Council Meeting where all the Universal Logoi throughout Universal Time and Space gathered to see what’s universally new and exciting, one of God’s Holy 72 Messengers came running into the universal door, announcing the News from out of the Mouth of our Heavenly Father and Divine Mother Itself that if all the Sons and Daughters of God throughout the Infinite Omniverse come Home, there is going to be the Cosmic Party of all Cosmic Parties! Well, my friends, I as the Mahatma have to tell you, whenever God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit throw a party at the 352nd level of Divinity, there is a banquet and feast of such full spectrum prism diversity, splendor, and glory that even the farthest realized souls throughout the infinite universe remain with their eyes and mouth wide open! So trust me, the Mahatma, when I tell you that I have it on good authority that indeed "no eyes have yet seen, no ears have yet heard, and no mind has yet conceived" what God has in store for all His Sons and Daughters throughout Creation who heed this call and return Home.

Now, my beloved friends and fellows on Earth, this is where our Inter-Planetary-Solar-Galactic-Universal-Cosmic Project comes into play. As Helios and Vesta we have to tell you that your planet is the sleepiest planet in our solar system right now. Actually, in terms of our galaxy, if I Melchior may continue and add, your beloved planet ranks within the lower 20% of those who are holding an extended planetary consciousness siesta. Within our Melchizedek Universe Earth is also part of the 50% who are holding a somewhat prolonged slumber party if I may say so. Well, we all are given free will and choice as to sleep as much as we want, however, when we heard about those universally exciting news, we got inspired to get out of bed and busy going Home! Now when we go Home we all want to look good, don’t we? We all want to present ourselves Spotless before the Throne! We all want to radiate and glow in our Robes of Glory and Majesty! Now to tell you the truth, my friends, since all the galaxies, solar systems, and planets are like organs, glands, and cells within my Melchizedek Body, in order for me to be able to present myself Spotless before the Throne, I need all the galaxies, solar systems, and planets within my Being to reflect that spotlessness in a full spectrum prism manner as well, for the universe is my body. Going Home, also known as ascension or integrated ascension, means to be one with God in Consciousness. For me Melchior, your Galactic Logos, to achieve this sublime goal and calling I need all the solar systems in my galactic system to embody Spiritual/Planetary/Solar/Galactic Consciousness as well, and We Helios and Vesta need all the organs within our body, an important one of which is Beloved Planet Earth, to merge with us in consciousness to fulfill our Spiritual mission and purpose which is to unify all cells within our solar body! When you have disharmonious cells within your body you kind of quarantine them so they don’t spread their disharmony to the surrounding cells, and so you work around the cells so to speak until they heal and are ready to be reintegrated into the body. Well, my Beloved Earthlings, Earth has been such a cell within our Solar Body, and hence Galactic, Universal, and Cosmic Body. Earth has been a somewhat disharmonious solar organ and galactic cell and as such we would have failed our responsibilities had we allowed your planet to be part of the many meetings we have constantly going on in our solar system, galaxy, universe and omniverse where representatives of all the Solar, Galactic, and Universal systems come together in oneness and solidarity to make plans to heal every cell within the universe that doesn’t resonate in harmony with the rest of the solar/galactic/universal/cosmic body. You in truth are not just citizens of Planet Earth, but citizens of your Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, and Omniverse! And we collectively think it is time for you to take your rightful seat and get actively involved in evolving our Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, and Omniverse. The goal for the Universe, my Beloved Melchizedek Friends, is to get all the cells within my body to speak, think, feel, act, radiate, vibrate and sing in a singular verse, or uni-verse. I Melchior need to achieve this "uni-versal" consciousness within my Galactic Body as well, and so do we, Helios and Vesta for we also need our Solar Body to vibrate in this "uni-versal" attunement. The same is true for me, Lord Buddha, your Planetary Logos, and the same is true for YOU my friend, who is reading these lines, for you are the very bodily logos of your own body and consciousness.

Are you starting to see my friends how we are all one and connected with one another? How the evolution and Spiritual fulfillment, mission, and purpose of all of us - Buddha, Helios and Vesta, Melchior, Melchizedek - and yes Me, the Mahatma and really all of Creation, is dependent on YOU and Planet Earth to take your rightful place and fulfill your Spiritual purpose! That none of us can fully go home without you and Planet Earth first realizing Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God Consciousness within your own consciousness and being on a personal and planetary level! Are you starting to see what an important role you and your planet play in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan! And above all else, no kidding my friends, are you starting to realize the universal proportion of the Divine Gift that is sitting there at the Crown of Creation, the Throne of Creation, patiently waiting for us to come Home and unwrap it! A gift that even your Universal Logos, Lord Melchizedek, has not yet seen or heard of! Can you imagine what this moment will be like?

Well, my friends, Lord Buddha here. I have a better suggestion: we will never know if we don’t try! How about not just imaging what this moment and gift will be like; how about just going up there and doing it, and checking out where all the Heavenly Smoke is coming from! How about all of us getting our act together and showing everyone in our Solar System, Galaxy, Universe, Multi-Universe and Cosmos what Earthlings are made of! How about we turn the Earth into the planet that goes down in Cosmic History as the "planet that vanished off the face of its surrounding universe due to godspeed spiraling up the Universal Spiral to pick up Heavenly Gift"… "The unstoppable planet that totally lost itself in serving one another, their solar system, galaxy, and universe" …. "The planet which realized the inherent power one cell or one planet has to change the tide of global/solar/galactic/universal and cosmic worlds’ events" … " The planet which came out of slumber quarantine to take lead of its solar system, galaxy, and universe!"… Can you already see the headlines on the "Universal and Cosmic Newspapers" my friends! How about that! Are you onboard! Wonderful! So then let’s get cracking for we have quite a lot of work to do! We need each and everyone on Earth to unite as we have never done before so the first action step of our Inter-Planetary-Solar-Galactic-Universal-Cosmic Masterplan and Battleplan is to tell everybody about this I AM University Movement and Project, "Project Reintegrating Planet Earth in Solar, Galactic, Universal, and Cosmic Citizenship!"

The next step lies in working all fronts, that is in all Ray Departments. So here it goes:

Table Of Contents Integrating and Supporting the First Ray Department:

  • Vote
  • Inner and Outer Spiritual Activism
  • Inner and Outer Leadership within Community, City, State, Country, Globe
  • Supporting Political Candidates
  • Raising Political Consciousness
  • Educating Self
  • Getting into Political System if this is your Calling

Table Of Contents Integrating and Supporting the Second Ray Department:

  • Helping to Anchor Spirituality into the Educational System
  • Helping to Spread I Am University Around the Globe
  • Spiritually Educating People Through Giving Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Seminars, Ascension Classes
  • Enrolling in I AM University
  • Studying Inner and Outer Curriculum at I AM University
  • Spreading I AM University on Radio, TV, Magazines, Internet, and All Media Outlets
  • Raising Spiritually Educational Consciousness

Table Of Contents Integrating and Supporting the Third Ray Department:

  • Taking Care of Own Business
  • Helping to Actively Spiritualize the Business System on Earth
  • Raising Spiritual Business Consciousness
  • Helping People, Community, State, Country, and Globe to Prosper “Abundance Will Be The Result Of Thy Fulfilling The Law Of Supply Of Someone Else
  • Getting/Being Busy Doing God’s Business
  • Developing Prosperity Consciousness
  • Helping Others Develop Active Intelligence in the Earthly World
  • Helping People Ground Their Spiritual Mission in Their Business

Table Of Contents Integrating and Supporting the Fourth Ray Department:

  • Actively Helping to Clean Up Environment
  • Beautifying Home and Planet
  • Creating Harmony and Peace within Self and all Relationships, in City, Community, State, Country, and Around the Globe
  • Healing the Earth
  • Healing Circle of Life
  • Raising Harmony and Beauty Consciousness

Table Of Contents Integrating and Supporting the Fifth Ray Department:

  • Supporting New Age Science and Inventions
  • Creating New Age Science
  • Creating Environmentally Healthy Technologies
  • Developing Technologies to Rid the Earth of All Pollution
  • Creating Sciences in Your Life and Others to Increase Clarity and Efficiency
  • Raising New Age Science Consciousness

Table Of Contents Integrating and Supporting the Sixth Ray Department:

  • Helping to Detox all Religions
  • Becoming a New Age Full Spectrum Prism Integrated Minister Through the I AM University
  • Cultivating Devotion and Spiritual Idealism within Self and Others
  • Actively Sharing your Spiritual Idealism with the World
  • Helping to Bring God into all Aspects of Life in Society
  • Raising Buddha/Christ/Krishna/Moses/Mohammed Consciousness

Table Of Contents Integrating and Supporting the Seventh Ray Department:

  • Actively Helping in the Revamping of Society
  • Bringing Spirituality into Ecology and Economy
  • Bringing Freedom into All Societal Structures
  • Alchemizing Lower Energies into Higher Energies
  • Freeing Civilization from its Bondage
  • Raising True Freedom, Structure, and Organization Consciousness
  • Helping to Spiritualize and Organize all Societal Systems on Earth

Our Beloved Friends, this is just the tip of the iceberg! This is just the most basic foundation of the Sevenfold House, Church, and Cathedral it is our vision to create! Our goal is to continually expand this list and add to it on a regular basis! So let us know of any and all ideas how to Resurrect the Consciousness of our Beautiful Planet, and above all else, get actively involved now!