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An Introduction to the I AM University by Archangel Metatron and the Ascended Masters!

Channeled by Dr Joshua David Stone

In the Name of the Almighty One God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit!

From Metatron, the Mahatma, Melchizedek, Melchior, Helios and Vesta, Lord Buddha, the Archangels and Angels, the Universal Heart and Universal Mind of God, the Mighty I AM Presences, Superconscious Minds and Oversouls of all six billions souls incarnated on Earth, Allah Gobi, Lord Maitreya, Saint Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Hilarion, Sananda, Djwhal Khul, Lord and Lady of Arcturus and the Arcturians, the Ashtar Command, Mother Earth, Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and all the Lady Masters, all the Christed Extraterrestrials, Masters of the Western Esoteric Lodge, and Eastern Masters Lodge!

With Spokesman Lord Metatron:

Beloved Friends around the World! This is Lord Metatron, Archangel of the Archangels, here to announce the most splendid news ever announced on Planet Earth:

The Official Breathtaking Breakthrough and Launch of the I AM University! The I AM University is the first ever externalization and anchoring of the I AM Teachings in their focalized full spectrum prism manner and form in the history of the Earth! And as such it marks the first tangible institution and platform of the Heavenly Realm to Mark the Return or Realization of the Christ, the Return or Realization of Vishnu, the Return or Realization of Buddha, the Return or Realization of Krishna, the Return or Realization of Moses, the Return or Realization of Mohammed, the Return or Realization of the Mighty I AM Presence, the Return of Realization of God/Goddess in hu-man consciousness on Earth! The Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, Mighty I AM Presence and God/Goddess has returned in form of the I AM University. The Christ - in a transreligious understanding - has returned through YOU allowing yourself to express the Mighty Christ/Vishnu Presence within! The I AM University brings out the Integrated Ascended Master in you! The I AM University brings out the God in you, the Christ, the Buddha, the Krishna, the Moses, the Mohammed, the Mary, the Kuan Yin, the Isis, the Metatron, and the Light! I AM Archangel Metatron, creator of the outer light and Living Revelation of the Word of God! I am here to reveal and avail myself to you and help you mold and realize yourself as the very Emanations of Light of the Most Splendid and Most Radiant One! I Am here to remind you of the Glory that is yours to Realize, the Beauty that is yours to Embody, the Light that is yours to Radiate, the Love that is yours to Give, the Power that is yours to Use in Active Service, the Peace that is yours to Spread, the Word that is yours to Utter, the Work that is yours to Do, the Kingdom of God on Earth that is yours to Manifest! You have come here, my friends, on a great mission, on a great purpose, on a great life! All the world’s grand messengers and prophets who graced the Earth with their holy presence and made their lives a very testimony of the Living Word of God, prophesized the coming of a Great Avatar, a Great Teacher, a Great Soul to Reveal the Great Secrets to Everlasting Life!

My friends, I am exalted high up in the skies, exploding for excitement thundering lights, to proclaim that this teacher has arrived on Earthly grounds! This Teacher, this Great Soul, this Great Avatar is GOD expressed through YOU! You have walked on Earthly grounds lifetimes over lifetimes to prepare yourself for this very auspicious moment in time! You have studied the laws of the worlds, walked through the valleys and mountains of life (as you experienced them within your consciousness) in order to now, once and for all, leave the past behind you, leave all the baggage you unnecessarily held on to behind you, and everything that does not serve you any longer in your purpose to realize God - to get ready once and for all to climb the mountain of all mountains, the MOUNTAIN OF PLANETARY SELF AND GOD REALIZATION! The certificate of graduation for incarnating on Earth! The Mountain of the Realized Christ! The Mountain of the Realized Buddha! The Mountain of the Realized Krishna! The Mountain of the Realized Mohammed! The Mountain of the Realized Tao! The Mountain of the Realized Full Spectrum Prism I AM God! My Friends, the Biblical Prophecy of the 144,000 is the symbolic expression of the realization of all the people on the Earth in the flesh that the blood that runs through their veins is the Blood of the Christ, that the Water that makes up the majority of their bodies sustaining them and making life possible is the Water of Life, that the word which they utter out of their mouth, if Spiritualized, is the very Word of God, and that the daily service they perform in their world, whatever expression that serving spirit may take, is the very Work of God! My Powerful, Loving, and Wise Friends, I am talking about YOU! You are this holy creature disguised as a body of flesh! For you truly are Gods and know it not!

The time has come at the Dawn of the Golden Age, the Dawn of the Birthing of the New Jerusalem, the Dawn of the Emergence of the Living Christ / Buddha / Krishna / Moses / Mohammed / Mighty I AM Presence and God in the flesh, to look at yourself, the miracle of your bodies, the miracle of nature, the miracle of the skies, the miracle of life, the miracle of consciousness, the miracle of YOU, and the miracle of GOD and say, “Be Still And Know That I AM God!” The I AM University has been anchored and externalized in this very moment of time to help you grow from unrealized I AM to Planetary Realized I AM! From unrealized God to “I realize I AM God!” You are a very incarnation of God, have always been so, will always be, and are so right now. However, for you to realize this Grand Truth which is the sole purpose of life in all dimensions of God’s Many Mansions, you need to rid yourself and the planet of the illusionary cloud of fear based / separative / dualistic consciousness that enfolds the world and by doing so allow the Sparkling Full Spectrum Prism Magnificent Diamond of God’s Light to shine in all its glory in your world and the world that abounds! The I AM University, the Official Integrated Ascended Masters Training Facility of Spirit and the Ascended Masters on Earth, will provide you with everything you need to realize the fullness of who you are! At the I AM University you are given the crash course of all crash courses as it has never been available and given forth to the Earth to polish the diamond that you are and allow the God Diamond living in the sanctuary of your inner heart to express itself in its fullest Full Spectrum Prism Glory! My Beloved Friends, Hear this Call and Answer this Call by committing to this crash course training, molding your consciousness into that of a Living Integrated Ascended God on Earth. If you do so, I promise, you will be at awe at yourself as you realize that you truly are God in the flesh!

The times of thinking small are over. The times of thinking GOD have arrived! Welcome to the I AM University!

Allow the transformation from unrealized God to fully realized Planetary God to Unfold!

I AM Lord Metatron