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Service Opportunities within the I AM U 7 Ray Departments

Find your Perfect Niche of Service within the I AM University According to your Individual Ray Configuration! Enjoy and Explore Here the Sevenfold Service Opportunities within the I AM U Ray Departments!

Channeled Introduction by Lord Maitreya on the Full Spectrum Prism of Service Opportunities Within the I AM University Ray Departments

Beloved Service Force, Greetings

Service is the Law of Life. Service is the Fruit of Life. God is the Ultimate Servant! God is the Ultimate Leader! A true leader serves! A true servant leads!

Welcome to the world of the Ascended Masters. If you want to become a Fully Realized Ascended Master in this planetary mystery school called Earth, if you want to be a Planetary Realized God embodied in the flesh, if you want to step into planetary Spiritual leadership and take active part in the furtherance of the Divine Plan on Earth, service is the key that unlocks the door to the realization of this, your humbly sublime dream! Service is the key that unlocks the door to the realization of God’s Heavenly Dream on Planet Earth. Everybody on Earth is waiting for something great to happen. What if YOU make it happen!? What if YOU go inside and allow the seed of God within to externalize and sprout in the world through active service- What if YOU stop wasting your life pursuing the perishable. What if you start using your life living Infinity. Living Divinity. Living God’s Genuinty. Living the Impossible Dream on Earth. Do you dare to step out of mass consciousness and into the group consciousness of the Ascended Masters? Well, welcome!

The I AM University embodies the combined vision of the Ascended Masters in the Celestial realm and the Realized and Realizing Masters embodied on Earth to manifest the Divine Plan in its full spectrum prism glory. All religions, all mystery schools, and all schools of thought use different terms to describe the realization of the Divine Plan. Some call it the New Jerusalem, some the Golden Age, some the New Age, some the 1,000 years of peace, others the Return of the Christ, the Return of the Imam Madhi, the Return of the Buddha Maitreya and Kalki Avatar. Well, my friends, the returning Christ is you! The Imam Madhi is you! The Buddha Maitreya is you! The Kalki Avatar is you! The New Jerusalem is you! The Golden Age is you! It is you realizing the God Presence within and allowing it to manifest in the world through active service within the various ray departments. As you know God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit or Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva are the Ultimate Servants and the Ultimate Leaders. You also know that the purpose of life is Self and God Realization! How better “realize self and God” – making God “real” in your “real”-ity other than thinking God’s Thoughts, feeling God’s Feelings, speaking God’s Words, and doing God’s Work. God is the Ultimate Leader so for you to realize God you need to step into leadership. God is the Ultimate Servant so for you to realize God you need to step into the ultimate spirit of service. Leadership and Service are the two sides of the same coin. You cannot separate one from the other!

As you know, the Spiritual mission and purpose of the I AM University is to train Integrated Ascended Masters or Integrated Realized Gods! Since service is the key that unlocks such realization we have decided to give you an opportunity to serve within the I AM University 7 Ray Departments. The Seven Rays make up God’s Personality. Each of the Rays embody a different quality and it is the fullness and completeness of all Seven Rays combined which make up the Totality of God’s Image! As such God’s Plan to manifest on Earth in a Full Spectrum Prism Integrative Way all Seven Ray Departments need to find expression within the inner cosmos of consciousness of the people of the Earth and within the planetary consciousness in the without of the world, for the Earth and all souls embodied on Earth to reflect the Image and Likeness of God! Since God’s Personality is made up of the Seven Rays which are power & will, love/wisdom, active intelligence, harmony & beauty, concrete knowledge & science, idealism & devotion, and ceremonial order & magic which manifest in the outer world in the fields of politics & leadership, Spiritual education, business, the Arts, Science, Religions, and Revamping of the Civilizations of the world, all these aspects need to find attention and expression. As mentioned, God is basically training his Sons and Daughters to help him run the Infinite Omniverse. Just as God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit run the Ultimate Omniverse there are Offices of God, Christ, the Holy Spirit and all the Ray departments throughout all of Creation. Just as you have some form of government in all the countries around the globe, there is also a Spiritual government running the entire planet which is located in Shambhalla. Just as the American Government resides in the White House, we of the Spiritual Government reside in the “Golden House” within the walls of Shambhalla. And it is here where we reign. And it is here where you one day will reign if you choose to answer this clarion call for service in the world! We, the Spiritual Government have chosen the I AM University to serve as our main platform and vehicle of service in the world. I am Lord Maitreya, the head and President of the Spiritual government. I work in the Planetary Office of Christ together with the Manu Allah Gobi who runs the Planetary Office of God and the Mahachohan who runs the Planetary Office of the Holy Spirit. We have 7 Chohans who assist us in the manifestation of God’s Vision which are in charge of the Seven Ray Departments and responsible for the Divine Plan to find manifestation in their Ray area of expertise so to speak, whereas the Manu, the Mahachohan and my humble self hold the vision of the Divine Plan. Now for us all collectively, we the Spiritual Hierarchy on the inner planes and you the Spiritual Hierarchy embodied on Earth, to manifest God’s Plan we need your hand and feet, your active service on Earth, to manifest God’s Plan in the real physical world! Below you will find suggestions and ideas how you can support the Furtherance of the Divine Plan through the I AM University. This is only a beginning list! Know that many more service opportunities within all Seven Ray departments shall be added in due time! Please do not be shy to share your ideas, inspirations, and suggestions with us. Your active service within the various Ray Departments as they manifest within the I AM University and through the world shall not go unnoticed in our eyes but shall be rewarded with Spiritual growth and various I AM University certificates which will forever be marked in your Book of Life and Spiritual resume. You need to realize that just as you grow in your Self and God Realization and as such will eventually be ready to take over the positions we currently hold within the Spiritual Government, likewise do we grow and take over the positions and posts of our Spiritual teachers and guides. These certificates that you will receive upon taking on planetary Spiritual leadership positions and responsibilities within the I AM University will serve you well as part of your Spiritual resume as you will apply in the days to come for Spiritual Leadership positions within the Spiritual Government of this planet and the galaxies and universes to come! So step forward my friends in active service and explore the Service Opportunities within the various Ray Departments of the I AM University. The Chohans in charge have a little message for all of you as well! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Integrated Ascended Masters Team on Earth!

If you want to be an Integrated Ascended Master in Heaven, act like one on Earth! May you have the eyes to see and the ears to hear the opportunity for service and Spiritual growth that is handed unto thee on this day of our Lord!

I AM Lord Maitreya, President of the Spiritual Government of Planet Earth