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Djwhal Khul’s Office/Temple of Higher Learning in the Great White Lodge on Sirius

To all my Beloved Ones,

The great time has come! I welcome you in time and eternity!

As you celebrate with me the opening of the “I AM University”, you will enjoy a time found in the Akashic Records that you yourself are written in this glorious moment. Realize that it is a precious moment when you will have discovered the greatness of this event.

Call on me for all your needs, for I am willing to be a part of your life!

Serving you always,

Djwhal Khul

Djwhal Khul is the former spiritual leader of the inner plane Synthesis Ashram which is one of the eight Ashrams of the Christ! He is most well known for channeling the Alice Bailey books through Alice Bailey, which was the second dispensation of Ascended Master Teachings! In approximately 1994 he asked me, Dr Stone, if I would like to take over his Synthesis Ashram when he moved to his next cosmic position. After nine years of training, Djwhal officially turned the Ashram over to me on the inner and outer plane. Djwhal is currently residing in the Great White Lodge on Sirius, although he still works with the earth and many of his former students and initiates. In some of his more well known past lives he was Confucius, Lao Tse, and one of the Three Wise Men who approached the baby Jesus at his birth! Djwhal is known for his focus on synthesis because the Synthesis Ashram was created as a sub-ashram in the Second Ray department because of the importance of spiritual education for this planet! Also because there was a need for an Ashram that was focused on all Seven Rays, rather than the more singular focus of the other Seven Ashrams! Djwhal was also involved with the Theosophical Movement spearheaded by Madam Blavatsky who on the inner plane is now known as Lady Helena. Djwhal Khul prophesized in the 1940’s in the Alice Bailey Books that at the turn of the century there will be a third dispensation of Ascended Master Teachings that he and all the other Ascended Masters would be involved with. Djwhal told me that the 40 volume Ascension Book Series I have channeled and written with the Ascended Masters and the New Correspondence Courses and Training Programs I have co-created with the Ascended Masters are in fact this Third Dispensation he was prophesizing! I am sure you will all grow to love Djwhal Khul as I have!