Correspondence Course #5

Sananda/Jesus, The Holy Spirit and The Universal Mind on the Life and Teachings of Jesus the Christ, from the Book of Life and Akashic Records Correspondence Course of all Correspondence Courses

NEWLY REVISED EDITION: Reformatted, Redesigned, Re-edited, Expanded & Renewed! Now more User-Friendly with Subheadings

This correspondence course tells the story and teachings of Jesus the Christ taken right out of the "Akashic Records and Book of Life!" Lessons cover topics such as Sananda’s/Jesus’ Bible imageries, the incredible past lives story of Sananda/Jesus, how the Biblical story and every character in the Bible represents a part of ourselves that needs to be transcended and how Sananda’s journey from Adam to Christ reflects our very own journey culminating in the realization of the Christ Principle on Earth. Contains around 160 initiations of consciousness, discusses the most fascinatimg questions and answers on the life and teachings of Jesus the Christ as channeled by the Trinity of Sananda/Jesus, the Universal Mind and Holy Spirit and closes with an easy-to-understand in-depth overview of the basic lessons of A Course in Miracles from the perspective of how to integrate the heavenly ideal with the path of the evolving soul! Guaranteed to transform your consciousness forever! About 743 pages.