Correspondence Course #4

The Kuan Yin Ascension Quantum Leap For The New Millennium Correspondence Course!

NEWLY REVISED EDITION: Reformatted, Redesigned, Re-edited, Expanded & Renewed! Now more User-Friendly with Subheadings, Images & Icons for Easy Use!

The first part of this Kuan Yin Correspondence Course illustrates how the Buddhist Teachings beautifully fit into and dovetail with today’s New Age Integrated Ascension Teachings! In the second part, Kuan Yin shares her master principles for achieving perfect, radiant health from the perspective of the 90% of Spiritual and psychological information that almost all books on this planet on this subject do not include and discusses in great detail how to achieve abundance not just in a monetary and material sense, but in a Full Spectrum Prism sense—that is Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically, etherically and in life on all levels; and thus brings forth a revolutionary new understanding of what abundance really means from Spirit and the Ascended Masters’ perspective! Kuan Yin has done this in a most eloquent and poetic style! About 764 pages.