Correspondence Course #3

The New Millennium Light Revelation of Archangel Metatron Through the Metatron Book, New Wine Book and I Am Integrated Ascension Mastery Correspondence Course!

NEWLY REVISED EDITION: Reformatted, Redesigned, Re-edited, Expanded & Renewed! Now more User-Friendly with Subheadings, Images & Icons for Easy Use!

This correspondence course contains 3 books: Metatron’s Book, Metatron’s Wine and Integrated Ascension Mastery and Revelation for the Next Millennium. Archangel Metatron is the creator of the electron, the Tree of Life and Kabbalistic teachings and all outer light in our universe. He has now returned more fully to Earth to share his teachings on how to become an "Integrated Ascended Master.” He speaks about topics such as the Book of Life and Akashic Records and His Ashram. Also included are His “Diamond Discourses,” “Golden Teachings of Eternal Life” and “Divine Dissertations” which will revolutionize your consciousness in the most beautiful way. Includes beautiful prayers, practical information, insights and tools that will greatly help you on your journey to full Self and God Realization! About 851 pages. Also available in audio CD format (over 36 hours of audio on 37 audio CDs!)