Correspondence Course #2

How to Develop and Construct your Integrated Lightbody and Anchor and Activate Your 22 Levels of Lightbody Correspondence Course!

NEWLY REVISED EDITION: Reformatted, Redesigned, Re-edited, Expanded & Renewed! Now more User-Friendly with Subheadings, Images & Icons for Easy Use!

This correspondence course discusses the first 22 levels of Lightbody and how to properly anchor and activate them. It further explains how our Chakras, initiations and consciousness are intimately connected with our Higher Lightbodies; sheds some light on other topics such as soul retrieval, soul fragments and the merkabah and contains over 25 of the most powerful Ascension Activation Meditations ever given forth on Earth, all interwoven beautifully with revolutionary information, insights, wisdom, knowledge and tools to accelerate our Path of Initiation, Ascension and Self and God Realization in an integrated and balanced way. About 870 pages.