Correspondence Course #1

Correspondence Course #1: How to become an Enlightened Being, an Integrated Spiritual Master and achieve your 22 Levels of Initiation!

NEWLY REVISED EDITION: Reformatted, Redesigned, Re-edited, Expanded & Renewed! Now more User-Friendly with Subheadings, Images & Icons for Easy Use!

The first part of this Correspondence Course focuses on the 300 initiations of consciousness. Spiritual initiations are just an indicator of light quotient attainment and are not necessarily a sign for integrated Spiritual growth, whereas the initiations of consciousness, which we take as we pass our lessons in daily life, help us to refine our consciousness and polish our psychological bodies (emotional and mental bodies) so we may become “spotless before the Throne” on all levels of our being and so we may mirror the beauty, majesty and glory of our Creator in all that we do, in all that we think, feel and say. The second part discusses various topics as they relate to our achieving enlightenment, Integrated Spiritual Mastery and the 22 levels of initiation and Lightbody! Over 700 pages.

Also available in audio CD format (over 25 hours of audio on 24 audio Cds!)